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Message of the Chair

Dear Students of Business Administration Department,

Today, businesses are forced to spend a continuos transformation under the influence of economic mobility, technology, innovative ideas and globalization. The core value of standing in this transformation is educated labor force. Raising the labor force who is "STAR" just like the meaning of "YILDIZ" Technical University's name, competent and adds value to the businesses they work, depends on a good business education. This education takes place through the interaction of the information in many different areas such as; from accounting to finance, management to understanding of employee behavior, production to marketing. Our main goal is to raise you; the student of a well established educational institution that exceeds 100 years in our country; as a "STAR" person that acquire continuous learning as a basic principle, the same time as researchers with the ability to analyze and synthesize and as someone that protects the moral values within the framework of our "Entrepreneurial managers adopted the cultivation of universal values" vision. I hope you to continue this pride and excitement of winning and reading business administration department in your work intitution.


Prof. Dr. Salih Durer