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In line with the department’s mission and vision, educational objectives of the Program of Business Administration are identified as follows:

- To establish an organizational structure that supports an effective communication system which helps the department culture to be formed and shared.

- To facilitate academic relationship within the department,

- In order to improve the quality of education, to review course programs that would encourage specialization and to increase the quantity of elective courses

- To create the tradition of work apprenticeship opportunities for students which help them gain work experience eventhough they’re not obliged to do so.

- By decreasing the number of students an advisor is responsible for, to provide advisor aid to students for both academic and work life

- To increase social activities and to encourage students to participate,

- To enhance academic activities such as congresses, seminars, conferences, etc.,

- To establish a performance appraisal system that encourages the quality of faculty members on international bases, and to increase the quantity and quality of academic publication,

- To provide opportunities for faculty members to design and conduct academic research in foreign countries,

· To make prior arrangements necessary for a high-quality online education,

- To keep the content of department web site up-to-date,

- To expand research opportunities, especially on the basis of technology,

- To make use of advanced technology for intradepartmental communication,

- To support faculty members’ library facilities and effective use of personal computers for their academic studies,

- To train and develop creative entrepreneurs sensitive to the society, to their environment and organizations,

- To pursue scientific standards and ethical norms in the preparation of students’ final projects and thesis,

- To provide students with contemporary knowledge of business administration,

- To improve students’ ability to make creative, innovative and effective decisions when faced with occupational problems,

- To provide students with an understanding of work ethics in their profession,

- To improve students’ ability both to pursue contemporary developments in their profession and to make effective use of tools, methods and approaches related to their profession,

- To help education and training in compliance with globalization,

- To make students able to communicate effectively with their environment within the society as well as within the business, and able to participate harmoniously within a team.